Healing Qigong

Hi there, thanks for dropping by to Healing Qigong.

I want  this website to serve as a resource and help to benefit as many people as possible and make training accessible to all people.

I am a qigong student (and student of life) my name is Brian, and I noticed that there is not a lot of GOOD info on qigong, and in my opinion this is one of the best ways to promote abundant health, inner clarity, calm , confidence and improve ones ability to focus. Oh did i mention longevity and the ability to turn back the clock on your aging, yes Qigong promises to make you stay  younger longer. there are even some fantastic tales of taoist adepts reaching ages well into the 200’s – and I dont know if this is true or not, but certainly I find it inspiring. (I will do an article on the man who lived so long, for now heres his picture)

Li Ching Yun

I want to add as many forms of healing qigong as possible so that people can have a place to find good quality info.

aim is to have Qigong, Qigong meditation, Standing meditation & Taoist meditation, Healing qigong, 8 pieces of brocade, medical qigong and a lot more.

Please suggest anything else you would like to see here and i will do my best to include it.

The Benefits of this is to help people gain access to healing, health longevity, a peaceful mind , mindfulness and possibly even longevity and enlightenment!

Qigong is a chinese exercise that facilitates healing, using exercises that enhance the natural energy and vital energy of the body, this energy is called QI

What is Qi?

Qi is rather more difficult to define than a simple approach can explain as there are many levels of interpretation to the subject of QI, depending on culture and background and perspective. I can say what my understanding of Qi is.

To me QI is the stuff of the universe. It seems to be the flowing matrix of energy that supports manifestation of the universe.-that which animates the appearance of matter.

It responds to thought and intention, In context it is the energy of the body, that flows along the meridians and is absorbed from the cosmos, from Air and from food.

In homeopathy its called vital force, in Japan it’s called Ki, in India’s yogic system its called prana. There are many classifications of chi eg Yuan qi(jing), and post natal qi but more on that later.

Benefits of Qigong:

  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Increased energy
  • Increased Health and resistance to pathogenic influences
  • Better ability to tolerate stress
  • Improved mental clarity and acuity
  • Calmness and compassion
  • Longevity
  • Spiritual development

OK so where to start?
My best suggestion is to start with these series of pages:

  1. beginning qigong
  2. 8 Section Brocade /baduanjin
  3. healing qigong