100 Days Qigong starting today

ok so its 3 am on monday morning, what am i doing up at this crazy hour? Ive been busy putting together a document you can now download off the 8 section brocade page – its  available so that you can print it and use it for a reference, as well as putting up the pretty pictures…

Ok so I have been a bit lazy lately and not been practicing my health protocols, the ones that lead to extreme health,

As far as my understanding goes the best way to live is to live as an example and practice what you preach so I pledge to you my readers that I am going to adhere to the advice I give, and I will state the protocols (health guidelines) I adhere to over the next 100 days, this should completely revolutionise my health as i have been burning the candle at both ends for far too long and allowing myself to fall into lazy eating and lifestyle patterns.