8 Section Brocade – free training resource is up for you

If you are one of the people who loves to improve your health, heal any chronic illnesses, and wishes to attain longevity while looking and feeling younger…

(whew, thats an awesome bag of benefit, but there you have it… these are the benefits of practicing qigong properly and regularly!.)

Then qigong is definately for you, it not only includes doing basic exercises which are a kind of tai chi ‘like’ movement.. but doubles as a form of moving meditation..

now I know what youre thinking, some of you may hate meditation and have tried it a thousand times always to find it impossible to get your mind into a quiet state,  well then i have good news for you, qigong (chee gooong) doesnt need you to do any of that, just do the exercises and breathe rythmically and – you will automatically relax and fall into a QIGONG STATE, which is a kind of relaxed awareness where healing and deep relief of stress occurs.

So I put up the much sought after 8 section brocade to the best of my ability to help you have something SOLID to start your practice with, its a couple thousand years old, invented by a general Yue Fei in ancient china, to keep his troops healthy and strong,

Main benefits of Qigong:

your breathing slows down and your heart rate becomes steady and calm and this means your body starts to deeply relax and release tension including all the bad hormones and chemicals in your body (cortisol for budding biochemists )

and that means your body stops breaking down and slows your aging to the slowest possible trickle. And that stops the inflammatory response, and that means less arthritis, rheumetism and aching bones, keeps you looking younger and feeling great.

your mind is able to be completely clear and function properly as it does not have the limiting effect of the stress hormones ephedrine and the above cortisol, clearer decisions mean healthier outcomes…

now couple doing these simple ‘practices’  with a healthy diet which is balanced,  periodic detoxification where you clean your body of all the toxic waste accumulated in the liver and fat.

add to that drinking the best green tea full of antioxidants and brain enhancing chemicals and catechins -and

… you have a triple whammy effect on your health.

so this is actually my big dream, to get a bunch of enlightened folks who want to live cleaner healthier lives and live a lot longer, making clear decisions!! and enjoying life to the max…

living consciously, actively cultivating your full potential – having the time of your life.

the 8 section brocade is the ideal place for us to start as its simple enough to learn in 1 session and yet profound enough that you can continuously deepen your knowledge skill and benefits from it.

for many people in china this is their entire only qigong practice and they live long healthy lives.

so if you want to check out the 8 section brocade you can check it right here

8 section brocade

PS: Im off to go practice my daily qigong routine and mow the lawn!

lots of love!