A Daily Qigong Workout

Hey Guys,
Glad to be able to post this info to you, I have been practicing qigong for some number of years now so I can say what i do with conviction.
Whenever you feel down, stressed out, lacking vitality, tired or worn out. Qigong is the most amazing tonic! it makes you feel revitalised, youthful and energetic, as well as calm and serene.

So before i Begin discussing what you should do to establish a routine, we should talks a bit about why you would want to do Qigong.

aside from the health benefits Qigong provides a potent spiritual development all on its own, and as with all spiritual paths, you will be challenged in your assumptions of who you think you are, your personal tragedies in life and your dreams and hopes, Be warned you will develop spiritually and you will change who you are now, if thats ok then i say great!

  • A daily Qigong workout should begin shortly after you get up while the morning is young.
  • A good practice is to do the 8 section brocade or the seated brocades, I will need to put some decent info on how to practice this as Im not happy with what i have put up yet, Im considering creating printable PDF of these forms to help people so they can print them and put them up.
  • Another great thing is to incorporate tracing the yin and yang channels
  • do the chen style qigong its really awesome daoyin.
  • practice standing meditation
  • practice kicking out your legs, beating heavenly drum and cleansing the body of BING CHI(Stagnant energy)
  • Sitting and forgetting.


  1. I think its called eating the chan ming way, which is to incorporate lots of colour into your meal
  2. eat small portions and stay hungry.

Clothing Should be loose fitting, preferably cotton.(yoga clothes are great!)

Doing these practices will make you profoundly healthy, and if you incorporate the small circle microcosmic orbit it will be even more awesome!