Hey there, Glad you dropped by this website.

Brian & Gerrie a good friend having some tea

I created it as a kind of resource for folks who want to have a reference or training guide of various forms of Qigong,

I don’t claim to be an expert or ‘master’ I’m just a fellow qigong student and student of life who likes to live with passion energy and conscious presence.

about me, I was born in Durban South Africa, and now i live in Dublin Ireland,

I discovered Qigong while working for Derivco in La Lucia, a friend of mine had just begun to learn tai chi, and was really feeling a lot of vitality and energy through her practice.

So i decided to give it a try as my job could be quite stressful at times and I thought i would enjoy a good way to relax and gain health at the same time.

My friend took me to this place, and introduced me to the teacher master Jun Ping Liang, he was awesome, from Beijing and a taichi master,

His presence was quiet, serene, powerful and humble, ‘quietly instructive’ id say.. anyway he taught me chen style taiji and qigong training as well as meditation and some basic taoist worldview /philosophy LOL set me on the path of righteousness 🙂

  • After that I went on to learn more qigong from Master Andy Hu, which is a healing qigong form which i still practice daily – its awesome.
  • I am a student of Sifu Michael Rinaldini – and am studying towards medical qigong certification. Sifu Michael gives an excellent and solid background in many qigong forms and philosophies, and his method of instruction forces you to master most of them relatively quickly.
  • I have studied a bit of medical qigong here in Dublin too.