An interesting video about ‘the way’

Its a bit revolutionary, but that doesn’t mean its not true on many levels

I like the way he uses ‘the way’ to describe how we are hard wired to see , understand and live truth on a more fundamental level.

This video was shared by one of my long time Shifu’s Michael Rinaldini and it got me thinking of him, and all he has taught me (unrelated to the video)

his website: Qigong Dragon

He has very kindly helped me on many occasions and shown great patience when I still had not completed one of his courses on time.(due to life and moving countries and resettling getting a job etc)

He is without doubt one of the most effective teachers Ive ever come across who actually forces you to “get” the ‘deeper’ aspects of qigong
simply because of his teaching style which makes you go deeper or at least thats what happens with me anyway..

If you are interested in a truly genuine deep practice and want to also include daoist aspects into your qigong practice then Shifu Michael is the way to go,,

In fact most of this blogs content is from ‘assignments’ that he gave me, for example all the elements, meridians and thus my deeper level of understanding is directly as a result of him giving me this homework..

he is deeply committed to teaching authentic and real qigong and I must say he is the best at getting you to understand.. this is because he lives his practice…