Beginning Basic Qigong

Hi there!

To begin your practice of qigong, it is best to find a place where you can be comfortable and undisturbed

  • You dont need a large space
  • Preferably quiet and free of distractions (no tv/radio etc)
  • somewhere you feel comfortable and safe
  • can be indoors or outdoors
  • even better outdoors near trees, or near a waterfall or beach (but not necessary)

this can be anywhere, but its even better to do it in a natural setting like near trees or in the open, – however if youre like me you may find that you are very private and prefer not to do the practices in public, as too many people do not understand what you are doing and can irritate or cause you to quit before you even start.

Fortunately for me I have a big back yard, but before this when i lived in a condo I did qigong in my lounge when noone was around.


Begin with something called the 3 intentful corrections,

  1. POSTURE:Stand up straight but relax your shoulders:
    a good illustration is as if you are being suspended by a string on the top of your head
  2. BREATHING: Breathe deep into your abdomen area and relax dont make a mental thing about it, just conciously breathe deeply and try make your exhalation slightly longer than your inhalation, this happens by adopting a relaxed attitude-
  3. RELAX THE MIND: actually the previous step sets this up, after a few slow deep breaths the mind naturally calms down. Generally you step into a more relaxed state, which will become familiar called the qigong state – relaxed awareness.


Important: note to you: although this practice is regarded as basic, it infact is one of the most powerful, many people assume something basic is not as powerful as advanced or complicated things, this is an error in judgment, some of the most profound healing and qigong development comes from these basic forms, and you will always use them as the core of your practice!

Keep the 3 corrections throughout the practice!

  1. Stance should be  with feet shoulder width apart
  2. place the gaze of your eyes about 3meters in front of you on the ground.
  3. remember to relax your shoulders
  4. Arms at your sides
  5. inhale slowly and raise your arms in time to your inhalation so that your arms are slightly higher than eye level on full inhalation
  6. Exhale slowly and lower your arms in sync until your breath is completely out(at this point your arms should be back by your sides)
  7. Continue this for at least 30 repetitions all the while slowing the breath (especially out breath)
  8. Enjoy, you will become deeply relaxed and enter the qigong state.