How To Powerfully Heal Yourself, Grow Younger & Maximise Your Longevity all the while Increasing Your Vitality, Vigour and Health Even If You’re Sick, Old and Sedentary Now

“How To Powerfully Heal Yourself, Grow Younger & Maximise Your Longevity all the while Increasing Your Vitality, Vigour and Health Even If You’re Sick, Old and Sedentary Now”


If this sounds incredible, its because it is! I cant blame you for feeling its too good to be true, yet, this IS the promise of practising qigong and choosing to “nourish life” instead of allowing yourself to slowly decay day by day… this is scientifically proven below so read on…



The Legendary Zhang Sangfen the Inventor of Tai Chi & Wudang Martial Arts (Born 1247 A.D) legend has it he lived for over 200 years, and then dissapeared…

Hi my name is Brian, and I am a lifelong qigong student, I began practicing qigong around 2004 and it has been a wild ride! I have had the blessing of learning from some great teachers, including my taichi master sifu Jun Ping Liang, master Andy Hu (chinese doctor) and Sifu Master Rinaldini

What I learned that was most valuable is to take the attitude that your life is like a field, that you need to take care of and nourish in order to stay and grow into abundant levels of health… at its ultimate end it can even lead to profound spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Qigong comes from mostly Taoist Adepts, Buddhist Monks and Martial Artists

There was a difference between the Buddhists who mostly saw the body as a burden and just focused on developing the mind, doing loads of sitting meditation all day…(THIS IS VERY RELEVANT TO YOU AS YOU WILL SEE BELOW…)

The taoists believe if you make your mind or spirit very strong, without SIMULTANEOUSLY strengthening the body at the same time it can “burn out” your body very quickly –

This is the case when you do a lot of sitting (meditation) it created massive problems for the monks…and simply SITTING creates a lot of problems for US today…

this has been proved by science….

The 7 Deadly Risks Of Sitting & Sedentary Lifestyle

    1. Sitting too long increases your risk of developing cancer: (this study from the Journal of national cancer institute, discovered that for every 2 hours of sitting the risk increased for colon, endometrial and lung cancer)
    2. Sitting greatly increases heart disease (this 14 year study that surveyed 53,440 men and 69,776 women from the american journal of epidemiology) discovered that men and women who sit more than 6 hours a day died earlier than people who limited sitting to 3 hours a day. – and was correlated to cardiovascular disease mortality…
    3. Obesity and Mortality a study done by mayo clinic discovered that moving throughout the day can help you maintain your weight even without exercise.They added 1000 calories to each of the subjects of the test in a lab- where they controlled diet and exercise under lab conditions, and discovered some people managed to maintain their weight and others put on fat! This was quite interesting as it relates well with qigong practice… they discovered those subjects that had “moved more” without exercising… had managed to unintentionally maintain their weight even though they were eating more.
    4. Prolonged sitting induces type 2 diabetes, along with obesity (or perhaps because of it) this study confirms that breaks in sedentary time rather than total sedentary time – is correlated with adiposity (how fat people are) (heres the study of over 800 000 participants that discusses this) an interesting conclusion is that people who sat the most were 50% more  likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
    5. Sitting causes you to become inflexible losing your agility, and makes you unable to use your body efficiently as it was when you were more active and young, this is not so much to do with age as people who are older but use their bodies stay flexible agile and nimble (look at elderly dancers, yoga instructors etc) this  goes to show another of the eternal qigong principles holds out…(I think it was Ge Hong who said “The hinges of a well-used door never rust)
      Here are some youtube vids that prove my point about age and using your body effectively:

    6. Sitting blocks the enzyme responsible for burning fat:the lipoprotien lipase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat so your body can use it for energy,the enzyme is switched off by sitting and this causes you to get fat.
      In this journal of physiology study mice’s lipase (LDL)functionality was measured

      1. Lying down – LDL  activity very low
      2. Standing – LDL 10 X more effective than laying down
      3. exercising  – No additional effect on LDL – now this was surprising!
        (This correlates with a profoundly beneficial qigong practice called Zhang Zhung )
        I will go into it in my new free course Healing Qigong Course – you can sign up at the bottom of this page)
    7. Sitting or living a sedentary life correlates to a greater incidence of depression this american journal of preventative medicine study discovered the “feel good” hormones cant find their way to the receptors.

Why this is Relevant To YOU?

Obviously  in this modern time and society we all sit a lot more than we should unless we are labourers or peasants working the rice paddies!

Do You Do Any Of The Following (for more than 30 minutes at a time?) On A Regular Basis?

  • Sit behind a desk in front of a computer at work
  • Drive  
  • Watch tv or netflix or movies
  • Use a computer
  • Reading
  • Do homework or research
  • Travel by car bus train or subway/tube for more than 30 minutes?

prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle can lead to..

  • insulin resistance…
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Congestive heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea

What Is The Solution : (The First Zen Master Discovered Or Created An Epic Solution..)


There was once a great prince of southern India -of the Pavalla kindgom called Bodhidharma. –

its important to note that as a prince, Damo would have been of the “kshatrya” or “Warrior” caste in india and thus educated on how to liberally kick ass – india has several indigenous martial arts such as Kalaripayattu

it is interesting to note that Kalaripayattu: has a section of exercises called MaiPayat : which are body conditioning exercises, could these be the influence Damo used to help the monks?


We will call him Damo after his chinese name…

Damo had  given up his princedom and his worldly life and riches and converted to Buddhism and dedicated his whole life to attaining full enlightenment…

According to the legend he attained full enlightenment and then went to china to an emperor WU who was a dedicated Buddhist and had made many requests for Buddhist sages from India to come teach the dharma(truth) in his country…

Now Damo, was not like your average monk, he was fully enlightened and one of those people who do not entertain egos lightly… he made no difference between a beggar and an emperor (this is called equinamity)… and answered as he would any egoistic person… he was one of those Buddhists who CUT the ego to the core..

When the emperor Wu asked him “how much merit did I accumulate for all the buddhist temples and buddhist monks I supported and all the buddhism I spread”

Damo’s answer was : NONE

its important to note here that Damo was bringing real buddhism to China, at the time the chinese used to only follow the buddhist scriptures and did little actual practice towards attaining enlightenment, and Damo is the FIRST PATRIARCH OF ZEN – so he was all about DOING PRACTICE and not just theory…

Emperor Wu: “How much karmic merit have I earned for ordaining Buddhist monks, building monasteries, having sutras copied, and commissioning Buddha images?”
Bodhidharma: “None. Good deeds done with worldly intent bring good karma, but no merit.”
Emperor Wu: “So what is the highest meaning of noble truth?”
Bodhidharma:There is no noble truth, there is only emptiness.”
Emperor Wu: “Then, who is standing before me?”
Bodhidharma: “I know not, Your Majesty.”


This didn’t sit lightly with an egotistical ruler full of self importance and he banished Damo from his empire, 

Damo went to Shao-Lin temple

He was disgusted with Shaolin’s weak, sickly and lazy monks. He was a master of martial arts and a believer that you need to practice and have a healthy body to support a healthy mind (this is a mahayana buddist doctrine) and thus decided to do something about it…

*He had discovered that the buddhist monks in Shao-Lin were very ill and in a poor state of health, because of all the sitting meditation they do…

So he started teaching them a set of exercises to reinvigorate their bodies and spirits as well as ZEN meditation to reach enlightenment.

(To read a more detailed story of Damo you can check it out Here)

These exercises are the basis of much of the Qigong tradition we have today…and they were created to cure the precise problems we face today! (illnessess from sitting and sedentary life)

If you actually put them into your daily practice you will find they OVERDELIVER by a WIDE MARGIN…

you actually attain amazing health and vitality as well as physical stamina and strength

So What Exactly did Damo teach the monks?

  1. The 18 arhat /lohan hands qigong set (I will tell you how you can get an entire DETAILED course on this wonderful and health promoting qigong set in my free Healing Qigong course)
  2. Yi Jin Jing (muscle and sinew changing classic)
  3. Xi Sui Jing (Marrow washing classic) – these teachings are advanced and concern a lot of internal qigong which can lead a student practising without a master to guide him… to harm his own health.. so we cannot teach this here.
  4. Baduanjin: later the monks shortened the 18 Lohan hands into an easier set called the 8 section brocade or ba duan jin… which is the first thing they teach students because it gives most of the benefits of the full 18 movements…*

I will teach you the 8 section brocade right here but in my course I will give you detailed video instruction for every move…

Look this web page is already getting way too long and many people would not read this far… so I’m going to cut it short with some practical instructions on the 8 section brocade – which is undoubtedly the best place to start! and then tell you how you can enrol on my free Healing Qigong Course which will teach the following (in greater detail than is possible here)
  1. The 8 Section Brocade(baduanjin) with video instructions and a chart to use for easy reference when youre doing your practice

  2. The 18 Lohan hands exercises (in written form with a chart) – ill give you a link in my course where you can get the most comprehensive video course on the 18 Lohan hands -> which will be almost as good as having a master teaching you in person…
  3. Yi Jin Jing – this qigong set is famous for creating and making people incredibly strong and long lived.. .The Muscle Tendon Changing Classic – Yì Jīn Jīng strengthens the muscles and tendons, to promote strength and flexibility, speed and stamina, balance and coordination of the body.
    Yì Jīn Jīng changes the tendons and opens the meridians throughout the body and clears them of blockages. Once the blockages have been removed the energy – Qì can then flow naturally and health can be restored.

    “Toughen my sinews, harden my bones,
    Make my blood flow freely,
    I will then be young forever
    In touch with the realm of gods.”
    –  Canon of the Great Void

    Benefits of Yi Jin Jing

    • Nurture tendons.
    • Nurture muscles.
    • Nurture bones.
    • Develops fast reflexes.
    • Develops courage and righteousness.
    • Develops Internal Force.  
    • Clears emotional blockages.
    • Cultivates the spirit.
      Over Time The Benefits Are As Follows:
    • The first year gives back physical and mental vitality.
    • The second year enhances blood circulation and nurtures meridians.
    • The third year allows flexibility to muscles and nurtures the organs.
    • The fourth year improves meridians and nurtures viscera.
    • The fifth year washes the marrow and nurtures the brain.
  4. Deer Exercise for Sexual Rejuvenation if you are suffering chronic illness or stress, you can really benefit from the overall rejuvenation of the Deer Exercise, it WILL build up sexual desire..  With the Deer Exercise for men and women, in chinese medicine, depletion of your energy occurs from chronic stress, sex, and poor lifestyle, the deer exercise is a way to combat this depletion and rejuvenate not just your sexual life but your vitality too… as sexual health is an accurate reflection of your overall health… if you have powerful sexual drive and stamina – you are a healthy person…

    • Rejuvenates and refreshes the prostate gland
    • Strengthens and builds the tissues of the sexual organs
    • May help shrink a swollen prostate due to BPH or congestion
    • Increases potency and fertility
    • Diminishes or eliminates premature ejaculation
    • Can prevent and reverse incontinence
    • Strengthens digestion
      • For Women
      • Increased sexual desire
      •  increasing sexual health, enjoyment,
      • mental clarity, and overall vitality,
      • In women, the exercise stimulates the vaginal muscles, bringing circulation to the area,
      • prevent and heal menstrual disorders, infections, and vaginitis.
      • In women, this exercise tones strengthens the vaginal muscles and the ligaments supporting the ovaries, and fallopian tubes
      • increases fertility
      • increases pelvic blood flow and relaxed sensitivity.

  5. Standing Like A Stake – the ultimate health panacea – in the “simplest” of moves that provides a plethora of benefits..
    • Calms the body
    • Relaxes the mind
    • Manages stress
    • Strengthens the legs
    • Increased red blood cells.
    • Increased hemoglobin production.
    • Better nerve excitation.
    • Increased oxygen in the body.
    • Higher quality cerebral cortex excitation.
    • Improved sleep.
    • You can very rapidly improve your physical condition
    • Basic techniques training can enhance the quality of your movements, improving every joint’s elasticity and every muscle’s control. As a result, your movements are more harmonious, presenting their own beauty and in a word your body reaches a state of “highly adaptive while being in perfect control.”

What This All Means To You: You Can Benefit From Practicing These Amazing Healing Qigong Forms

I have shown you how you can benefit from all of these, given you the benefits and now you know how you could be abundant with health even if you are overweight (like me) old (im over 40) and suffering chronic illnesses  – many people have been cured by adopting these practices in their lives…

What You Need To Do Next

To benefit from my free comprehensive qigong lessons yourself you need to fill in the form below and click “activate subscription” in your email… use your best email address as what Im about to send you is top notch,,,

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  • Baduanjin (8 section brocade) a good place to begin your qigong training and even if you did nothing else you would experience profound health benefits anti aging and physical strength improvements..
  • 18 Lohan Hands qigong form(abundant health, age reversal)
  • Yijinjing (POTENT physical strength and vitality, longevity)
  • Deer Exercise (sexual vitality, desire and rejuvenation)
  • Standing Like A Stake (profound health and quick rejuvenation and physical improvement)
  • Healing Qigong Form – overall healing tonic practice.

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  • eating for health  – eat the right things in the right way
  • 6 healing sounds
  • the 3 treasures (qi jing and shen)
  • calming the mind in stress
  • nourishing your life force
  • how to lose fat fast without dieting or getting hungry
  • how to live a healthy lifestyle…what to avoid and what to do more of in your life…
  • relationship advice that can save your life force and sometimes your life…
  • how to get an incredibly refreshing sleep…

*There is some conflicting info as many people believe the General Yui Fei invented the 8 section brocade, but in fact he developed the 12 section brocade… regardless, we will never know for certain, and you will see when I teach you that there is almost identical movements when in comparing the 8 section brocade and the first 8 of the 18 lohan hands