How to do Quiescent Qigong(Dynamic)

Hi there
I created this video today to help my fellow students learn how to do quiescent qigong, which is the place to begin with qigong as it is a very easy form to learn and yet profound in its benefits..

key Benefits:

  1. calms the mind
  2. removes the effects of stress from your body and mind
  3. counteracts and prevents the damaging effects of cortisol overload (stress burnout and lowered immunity)
  4. helps you to calm expecially when youve just had a nasty stressful situation
  5. can make your entire day smooth and flowing gently, just by practicing this form 30 x
  6. deep qigong state and feeling is created RAPIDLY
  7. improves your lung capacity
  8. provides more oxygen to your system which is very relaxing.
  9. teaches you to slow your mind down by slowing your movement and posture and breathing..
  10. teaches you the dynamic link between thought, breath, and movemen(or dynamic posture) and how all three influence each other profoundly and can be used to calm each other down by proxy.

This was the first form of qigong my teacher taught me years ago, and I was bad at it in the beginning, but over time with persistence my lung capacity increased(from normal, I was not sickly )
it revolutionised my life, I went from having what I thought was good health, to excellent Radiant health.

Yes, I know, I Dont look too healthy now and thats my fault, I had been living a bad lifestyle myself (Eating too much, working too late and staying up late, and not exercising enough)for the past few years, I felt like a hypocrite even talking about this stuff, but I have recently made a make of break commitment to my self to begin practicing what I used to so often practice and have used in the past to attain superb health..

this approach includes diet, qigong and living a healthy lifestyle -by this I mean a regular routine of sleeping at the right time waking at the right time, they all come together to provide a supreme level of vitality but more of that when I come back, as I will fill you in after my holiday break in the private nature reserve, – where I will film the form, theory etc and give you all you need to know In order to practice healing qigong..

so this goes to show that you can be fat overweight and making the decision to start practicing, and then sticking to that decision – can make all the difference, im in the stage where the effects of my practice is not visible yet, but it will be, and It will be for you too if you practice daily.

The immediate benefits can be felt within about a minuite – your stress drops, and you feel completely serene, you can kind of get a feel for that when you watch me practicing the form after a short while..

by the way.. my eyes are not closed during the form, I am looking about 3 -4 meters in front of me on the floor.. this ALSO helps calm the mind..

I hope you enjoyed this video, I am off to a nature reserve today , and I will be creating video footage of the healing qigong form, as well as talking about various aspects of qigong, Qi and qigong theory and practice as well as lifestyle..

Please email me any ideas or questions, I would like you to begin practicing this form at home, its really easy, and try to get the feeling of the practice as you calmly breathe in and out.