How To Heal Yourself With Qigong

How to heal yourself with qigong

Qigongs blessings, and healing starts relatively fast in my humble opinion, I can feel better the moment I do a qigong practice, its almost instantly that you feel more energised and yet relaxed.
Qigong can put your brain into an Alpha State- allowing a more relaxed approach to life and even stress. you can process data with more flow, and get good ideas.

It has been proven that practicing qigong stimulates alpha and can even stimulate theta brainwaves which are associated with alert relaxation or in the case of theta, deeper yet freeflow ideas. this is important for healing as it allows your body to let go of tension and allows for the build up of energy – which can then be used by your body for healing.

Qigong Shuts Down your Cortisol (Stress Hormone) – allowing your body to Heal and repair itself

another awesome thing that happens is that you will cease producing cortisol the stress hormone responsible for lowering your immune system and the following fantastic things happen:

  • Makes you stupid- Impaired cognitive performance (we all need that hey!)
  • Blood sugar imbalances – you stop absorbing glucose(phase 2 diabetes!)
  • Decreased bone density
  • Suppressing the thyroid function
  • Degradation of muscle tissue
  • Causes High blood pressure
  • Lowers your immune systems defences and increases inflammation in the body , – which causes premature aging
  • Increased abdominal fat, which is associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Qigong stimulates the chi and blood to flow correctly, correcting imbalances in your neurological system and energy

Qigong also removes and prevents energy blocks that cause disease.

remember my earlier lesson on what qi(chi) is? its it breath and energy the stuff of life, it has innate intelligence, kind of like the building blocks of the universe – but in this instance we need to know that will stimulate healing -to get good healing you need good quality qi in your system.

How To Get Good Quality QI

firstly we get qi from food or herbs(like good quality green tea) – so this is external stuff we consume or drink, which brings me to the first major component of healing –


nothing could be more under contention thant the various arguments about what constitutes a good diet, with paleo, vegetarianism, raw food vegan etc all in the mix, I can only advise what works for me.. or what seems to..

I am not a vegetarian but i still think that todays diet, particularly the standard western diet is sorely lacking in vegetables, I read about a lady who was a doctor who had advanced MS and she cured herself by eating

  1. 3 cups of green leafy veggies(kale, spinach)
  2. 3 cups of color containing veggies (peppers, red cabbage, beets)
  3. 3 cups of sulphur rich veggies(cabbage, garlic, onions)
  4. grass fed beef/ herring
  5. organ meat (rich in Ubiquinol)
  6. and seaweed

my point is that all the good qi, the flavones and vitamins and things science has yet to quantify – helped heal her advanced disease, she was confined to a wheelchair when she started.. so I invite you to invite more good healthy veggies into your life..

Good Quality AIR:

air high in natural negative ions, is extremely beneficial to you, and did you know the areas the ancient qigong masters always recommended we practice are the places with the highest levels of negative ions.

  • these would be near waterfalls, near the beach/sea and in the shower (ok thats from a modern qigong master)

Negative ions carry a charge, and they actually recharge your batteries..

  • Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves
  • Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related)
  • Improves the permeability of the cell’s prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism)
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system

So practice by the sea or near the mountains or near a tree, but even a well ventilated room is pretty good!


anyways my apologies, its been a while since my last entry, I’ve moved to South Africa from Ireland, desperately needed the sun!

Some Causes Of Qi Blockages

The main problem when it comes to Qi and disease is that our qi channels become blocked by life’s stressors:

  • bad lifestyle choices,
  • or eating too much junk,
  • a nasty divorce,
  • losing a job or a loved one…

all these things do massive damage to your internal energy system… and so its important that at these times we devote even more time to our qigong practice to negate the negative and harmful effects that life sometimes throws at us…

One way to clear the blocked channels is to practice any form of classic qigong consistently, – one form that is relatively easy to put into practice is the baduanjin… with regards to a graded course of qigong for healing and strengthening as well as anti aging, my humble suggestion would be to learn them in this order…

PS: (I have avoided the internal qigong practices because If you learn them without a master – it is easy to create a QI deviation that can cause harm, whereas these (below) are all waidan(external types of qigong) and you’re not pushing qi around with your mind so cannot hurt yourself…you just allow it to naturally flow.)

  1. baduanjin (8 section brocade) then learn the
  2. 6 healing sounds…
  3. the 5 animal frolics
  4. healing qigong form
  5. bone marrow washing
  6. and then the Yi Jin Jing (A bit more vigorous but brings considerable health benefits – this baby was invented by the shaolin monks and it is reputed to bring longevity if you practice it regularly.

Some of these are on this website and it is my intention to put up detailed explanations and videos on how to do them all…

anyhoo! lots of luck with your practice and if you need any help just sign up on my mailing list and ask questions, I do answer!