Lesson 1 Healing Qigong – The 5 pillars to Build Your Health Upon

Lesson 1 Healing Qigong – The 5 pillars to Build Your Health Upon

Lesson 1 Healing Qigong – The 5 pillars to Build Your

Health Upon



Welcome to this mini course on healing qigong, It is my sincere wish that the information i make available to you helps you on your healing journey… and that qigong blesses you as much as Qigong has blessed me – Kind Regards



Unless you build on a solid foundation you will remain unhealthy and constantly be ill, it is my mission to help you by introducing you to this solid foundation before we begin on our Qigong Journey.

The 5 Pillars of Good Health (The foundations of health)  

  1. Sleep
  2.  Diet
  3. Sex
  4. Exercise
  5.  Meditation

Health like anything you wish to build, requires a solid foundation, the more solid the foundation, the stronger the building.  If you want to be really healthy with an excellent resilience to lifes hard knocks(illness,  stress , overwork etc)it is wise to incorporate these basic principles into your lifestyle as it is the best way to stay healthy.

I just want to make an observation here before i begin going into a little detail on the 5 pillars of good health. In modern society, it has become an ever increasing fast paced instant lifestyle,  everything must be done yesterday and plenty of it, if this describes your life (im pretty sure it describes 90% of us) then unless you are a superhuman/demigod or a super hero in disguise – you are or will suffer the effects of cumulative stress, and  unless you are extremely well rounded and balanced high achieving individual that thrives on stress – this only delays the effect until you get hit REAL hard.  So my point is this, Stress is a huge factor in depleting your immune system over time, weakening your internal organs, exhausting your adrenals and biochemistry- basically it burns you out.  Ok i know you know all this, however, Given this stressful lifestyle being the norm, it is absolutely necessary to make sure you have a solid foundation to support your “normal modern” lifestyle.

What I have observed is that we sacrifice these Pillars of Health on every occasion and we do it consistently thinking we can thwart the consequences, well you cant dodge the consequence of living a bad lifestyle.

Choose health! its not hard and once you consistently keep these principles you will be astounded at how much vitality will come into your life. Observe these principles rigourously and consistently. Create a daily routine and regimen based around it and it will be your pirmary way to stay healthy and live a long and active life.



The Most Important Foundation of Health – Get Enough Sleep

Often this is the first thing to go when we are either stressed because of too much work or simply because we choose to stay up late for whatever reason, sometime to work all night. Sleep is the mother of all healing, and the number 1 key to a long and healthy life.. constantly going to bed late (Ideal time is to be asleep by 10 pm!) erodes your immunity and ages you prematurely, at 10 pm your liver starts to regenerate and detoxify and if you are awake – this does not happen efficiently leading to a slow decline in your health and a decline in your longevity.
Some people suffer from Insomnia, i know I did! here are some really good ways to help you sleep soundly and fall asleep quickly..

Sleeping at the wrong hours is linked with causing manic bipolar depression -staying up late past 3am and then sleeping during the day consistently will bring on manic depression and bipolar very rapidly. Don’t go to bed late!

  • Get up early
    Getting up at sunrise is the best practice. Especially if you have had little sleep, this will help you sleep better the next time you lay head to pillow
  • Go to bed before 10pm
    Your digestive fire starts to flare up bringing your consciousness up to a high degree of alertness(second wind) at around 10pm, this is one of the contributing factors to insomnia, work with nature and be in bed before this time to take advantage of the pre 10pm sleepiness.
  • Be consistent in your sleep patterns
    Keep a routine, so your body gets used to sleeping at the right time
  • Set time aside for thinking/contemplation
    Something we often neglect, we keep busy right until we go to bed doing stimulating things like watching an action movie, working on that budget, or that favourite Warcraft game. Obviously this does not allow your mind the time to think, so naturally first pause it gets, it will then start harassing you with all the ignored details of the day, things you didnt do or just needed to think about.. so seriously its important not only to meditate but to contemplate too.. set aside some relaxed alone time where you just sit and think/contemplate, or your mind will decide to do it when you try to sleep.
  • Nutmeg or lettuce
    if you are really struggling getting to sleep and your mind is like a jackrabbit, then feed it lettuce, lol no seriously – lettuce will help you fall asleep quite quickly eat 2 whole leaves especially the white bit near the stem of the leaf. Eat lettuce in preference to nutmeg in summer as it is cooling in nature. especially helpful if you are overheating and sweating a lot at night. NutmegThis is very effective, but a little heating, therefore its best to use it in winter, take half a teaspoon of nutmeg powder on your tongue wash it down with water and you will be asleep in 30 mins!


Having a healthy eating pattern goes without saying, obesity is on the rise, but what is eating healthy for you? most people should avoid eating too much greasy food , spicy food and overly salty food, however diet is a massive subject beyond the scope of this simple course,  but here are some simple rules,

less is best, in most cases unless you are a thin person that eats everything and still loses weight(in that case eat more healthy oily foods  and bigger portions are ok

stop eating when you are still a little bit hungry, and eat slowly because the “full” feeling only comes after about 20 mins..

Eat more vegetables(organic and fresh if possible), especially aim for Kale and green leafy vegetables like spinach etc, eat more colourful veggies such as peppers

Vegetable List (you should eat this as often as possible (every day is best day)

  • Kale  or Spinach
  • cabbage or onions & garlic
  • peppers and tomatoes(Color = antioxidants)

Things To Avoid:(The White Poisons)

Regarding Diet Avoid the White poisons- have you ever noticed everything bad for you is white? these include:

  • Sugar(and all products filled with it, ie sweets)
  • flour(bread /starchy products/wheat)
  • pasta
  • rice
  • potatoes and chips

Also avoid deep fried fatty food in other word any fries or fried food – although a good stir fry made with coconut oil is quite good for you.

Good Oils:

  1. coconut oil
  2. olive oil

A Side note on Diet: TEA

tea is immensely beneficial but should be drunk as Green tea, my favorite is jasmine green tea as it does not go quite so bitter as normal green tea..

what you must do when making green teas is to make the water only about 70 degrees centigrade – a tip to do this is to add cold water to about 1/5 of the cup – before you add the hot water, then after about 30 seconds and stirring.. then do you add the green tea as a bag or looseleaf.

Green tea will clean your bloodstream and strip toxins out of your body, as well as supply good Qi






Sexual health goes far beyond the bedroom, its at the very core of our vitality, and as such should not be taken lightly, exercises such as kegels(or deer exercise in Qigong for men) are excellent ways to promote virility and vigour for both genders.  The reason it has such a central role in our health is because it has to do with the sex hormones, which keep the whole of our system in prime physical condition(which is prime reproductive condition) overly utilising or losing too much semen in both ayurveda or Chinese medicine is considered a big no no, as it depletes vital energy, as is having extremely heavy periods  for ladies.  So having the right amount of sex is a good thing, enough to keep you horny..



A good form of exercise is something that will nourish and not deplete you, extreme fitness sports will actually harm your body in the long run almost quicker than playing rugby professionally will give you cauliflower ears. They harm your body through wear and tear and cellular damage. A good example of nourishing exercise would be yoga, and tai chi or qigong.. these have many benefits including severely lowering your stress levels, improving your core health and blood pressure, lowering your incidence of heart disease and the like.. one of my favourite forms of exercise would be walking 30- 60 minutes a day, also advocate Tai Chi, Yoga, and of course Qigong.


One of the best ways to get your mind some excellent and well deserved relief – also shown to provide significant results for high blood pressure and for keeping the mind young and agile well into old age, it improves personal power by allowing you to embody more presence and consciousness in your daily life.

Qigong meditation is really amazing in its benefits, and of course there are quite a few types of qigong meditation, but the best ones are always quite simple yet you will find still very hard to do even the simplest meditation , the principle is to stick with it and allow the thoughts to come and go as clouds across a sky, and just watch them.


After you incorporate all 5 pillars into your lifestyle – this is where the healing journey truly begins, you have everything in place to build a solid foundation of health.



– in the next lesson we will be discussing how to prevent Qi Leaks and energy drains and how to prevent losing energy unnecessarily.


Kind Regards

Brian Colborne

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