Recommended Reading

Hey there, If you want to continue to discover more about qigong and how to heal yourself there are several books I would recommend..they are excellent resource for the serious mad scientist internal energy experimenter 🙂

General Background and meat and potatoes of qigong (with theory and instructions)

  1. The Healing Promise of Qi :Roger Jahnke
  2. The Way of Qigong – Kenneth Cohen
  3. The Root of Chinese Qigong Yang Jwing Ming
  4. The Way of Energy -Lam Kam Chuen
  5. Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: by Bruce Frantzis

Excellent Qigong book on Forms

  • Qigong Empowerment – Wen Ching Wu – this is a very cool book with lots of easy to follow instructions and pictures

Qigong for Longevity:

  • Qigong the Secret of Youth : Yang Jwing Ming
  • Instant Health: The Shaolin Workout for Longevity : Shifu Yan Lei

Qigong books with instructions for treating specific Illnesses:

  • Qigong for treating common ailments: Xiancai Xu
  • Chinese Medical Qigong : Tianjun Liu, Xiao Mei Qiang
  • The Complete System of Self Healing: Stephen T Chang  (this is one amazing little gem!)