Remove stress, grow younger and have a bucket load of energy: Qigong – the art of cultivating longevity

Qigong – the art of cultivating longevity
Remove stress, grow younger and have a bucket load of energy:

1. Why Should you learn Qigong(chi-kung):

Avoid the bad

· You can avoid premature aging.

· You can learn to remove stress from your life

· You can get rid of depression

Increase the GOOD

· You Increase your youthfulness vitality and beauty in body, mind and outlook on life.

· You will be happier

· As a daily practice- qigong can save you money needing to go to doctors as it gives you a ‘toolbox’ of health enhancing practices, as well as being a ‘body tune up’ keeping you supple and flexible.

· You can strengthen your immune system

· Prevent many chronic illnesses with qigong

· Once you know Qigong you will be able to exercise anywhere and feel fresh and energized or calm and relaxed in moments.

2. Ask What for: What is it?

Qigong is a health practice developed by Chinese Taoists thousands of years before Christ, who were seeking immortality, they found several methods to delay and prevent aging and improve health for physical , martial and spiritual reasons (you can do more good if you live longer)

In a single sentence:

Qigong is simply the art of cultivating vital energy(life energy) called qi in Chinese- an abundance of healthy qi= abundance of healthy life energy.

The purpose of learning Qigong would thus be to improve overall health, prevent illness, lengthen our lives – longevity, in such a way as to be a healthy capable person well into our later years.

The process is one starting with physical movements timed with deep breathing, the movements increase flexibility and tone up the muscles a little bit as well as loosen stiff muscles and joints.

In more advanced sessions one will learn qigong meditation which will allow you to raise energy quite powerfully and clear the mind and increase focus and concentration.

Key concepts are:

· Living in harmony with the way of nature

· Live a balanced life without extremes

· A key concept is to balance the mind, posture and breath.

The Underlying theory of qigong is the same one used for acupuncture , it is the yin yang theory, 5 elements theory and

· What purpose is following you for?

· What is the vital essense, the history, the key concepts and the underlying theory.

· How this is better, faster, cheaper than alternatives.

· These people need to see the whole the process. -Write these down second.

In a single sentence, what is it that they are going to learn?
Where did it come from?
What are the key concepts? (immediate and lasting energy)
Is there an underlying rule or theory, that helps unify all the information? (tao, yin yang, 5 elements, 12 organs, meridians)

3. How do I DO Qigong:

Once you practice this relaxation beginner qigong you will be able to feel deeply and thoroughly relaxed.

The benefits are:

· stress free,

· good & deep sleep,

· bolstered immunity & recuperation

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart – do not lock your knees, the posture should be relaxed, allow your shoulders to sink loosely.

2. Bring your attention to your breathing, slow it down naturally one breath at a time.

3. Focus on your breathing and exclude thought by concentrating on the relaxed rhythmic deep exhalation of your breath

4. focus your eyes on nothing in particular forward and down around 3 meters in front of you (ie don’t focus on the floor, just relax your eyes in middle space)

5. your hands should be loose by your sides, bring your attention to your hands and raise them slowly on an inbreath so that when you have inhaled fully your hands are around shoulder or eye level, this must be a slow fluid movement.

6. as you exhale lower your arms very slowly as you try draw out your breath as long as you can COMFORTABLY (no panting/gasping for air needed)

7. Repeat around 30 times (count each exhalation)

8. Closing when you have exhaled the 30th time step slightly forward, and clasp your hands together. (this is just to signify to your mind that you have ended the deep meditative state you will have undoubtedly entered)

4. What If by doing this simple practice each day you have more energy, focus and creativity?

Just do the exercise above now!

– improve your immunity

– calm your mind,

– improve your focus.

An immediate benefit is a sense of peace harmony and calm.